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Launch Cloud Migration Services has successfully helped a diverse client base move from current-state to future-state through cloud migration. Our experts are ready to find the perfect cloud migration strategy for you. Quick, clearly-defined, technical and deep dives into your environment to enable discovery, assessment and solution planning.

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Industry Specialization

We have been down this path before. Leverage our vast experience in specific industries
to migrate to Google Cloud and future-proof your infrastructure.

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We Love What We Do

Launch is a people-first, global business and technology consulting firm. We take our client’s challenges personally, assigning small, multi-disciplined teams who develop solutions quickly, with creativity and entrepreneurial agility.

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About Launch

A significant reason why Launch has been able to grow to a 560-employee company that spans three countries is that we put people first. We extend this people first mentality to our clients, where we put the needs and goals of your business first.

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Why Google Cloud?

Cloud computing provides ubiquitous access to almost unlimited information technology resources. It removes the friction from acquiring and consuming information technology, creating a world in which the small and nimble with nothing to lose have access to the same technology resources as the large leviathans with everything to lose. Fearless upstarts and agile enterprises use this technology to innovate and disrupt.

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The Best Reasons to Migrate to Google Cloud.

The biggest ROI your organization will see is investing in modernization.

Cloud Security

Google data centers feature a layered security model with custom-designed electronic access cards, alarms, vehicle access barriers, perimeter fencing, metal detectors, and biometrics. Fewer than one percent of Googlers will ever step foot in one of our data centers.


Google Cloud is an open cloud, which enables innovation, freedom from vendor lock-in, tighter security, and control over where you deploy your IT investments. Your needs scale as you grow, never paying for more than you need or use.

Mobility Management

Mobility management is normally a time-consuming endeavor for companies to pursue. Launch has experience providing mobility management services to companies large and small and in multiple industries.

Google Maps APIs

Currently, more than three million domains use Google Maps APIs. The addition of Google Maps APIs to your company’s website can bring a lively dimension to your website that can mean the difference between potential customers bouncing from your website or exploring your website and what your company has to offer further.

G Suite Migration

Launch takes the worry out of migrating existing contacts, user email, calendar, and files from legacy systems. Launch has worked with companies big and small and in many industries covering everything from simple email migration to proprietary backend data systems.

G Suite Business Solutions

G Suite Business solutions empower employees to collaborate and communicate more with colleagues, partners, customers, and other important people. Employees have access to G Suite functionality 24/7, from any type of device and any location.


Make a Complex Decision Easy with the Confidence of a Cloud Physics Infrastructure Assessment.

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Launch will assign a dedicated team to your project where we will work with your company to properly plan and monitor your migration and deployment.

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If it’s Google, we live it. Let us help you get fully optimized. Start your cloud journey right with support from a Google Cloud Partner.

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We know you cannot make an informed decision without, well… information. Let us analyze all the details so you can make the best decision possible. Here is how we assess your digital infrastructure.

We aim to capture efficiencies in rapid, comprehensive fashion, identify infrastructure optimization and workloads to migrate to the Cloud.

Make no mistake, when VSphere versions go off support in 2018, the upgrade requires new hardware, further justifying a Cloud migration.

By profiling your applications/workloads for Cloud readiness & modernization benefits to support operational excellence.

Let Launch help you on your journey to the Cloud from a people, process, and technology perspective, ensuring your data is secure and accessible.

Choosing a public Cloud is a complex process. Launch accelerates your journey, ensuring a smart and cost-effective solution.


Simplify your journey to the Cloud with a quick assessment of your infrastructure environment, provides recommendations on how to right-size your VMs, profiles your workloads for Cloud migration readiness, estimates effort to migrate, and compare current costs to GCP based options… optimizing your ongoing costs.

  • VSphere 5.5 ended general support in 2018.

  • In 99% of cases only 23% of capacity is being utilized.

  • Identify up to 30X ROI by assessing utilization & current costs against Cloud models.

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An in-depth assessment of virtual or on-prem infrastructure in less than 3 weeks. We apply a standard, predictable approach to make the process quick and practical while minimizing risk.

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