Case Study: Cargo and Logistics


About Cargo and Logistics

Transforming a shipping industry leader with technology that standardizes business process workflows, automates invoicing and increases data accuracy – dramatically reduces operational expense and increases profitability.

Improving the Human Experience of Cargo and Logistics

Launch Consulting and Google Cloud Streamlined Invoicing and Billing Systems.

With clients all over the world, the manual process of inputting data from paper-based or PDF cargo manifests into their invoicing systems was both time consuming and error-prone, often causing delayed billing cycles and client disputes.

The Human Approach:

Launch Consulting examined the billing and dockside operations workflows. These processes were paper dependent, relied on manual data entry, and often the exact same data was re-keyed multiple times into multiple systems. Not only was this inefficient, but also led to inaccurate and inconsistent data. Manual keying was causing both long hours of fatiguing data entry for their employees and client disputes when data points didn’t match shipboard manifests.

Improving the human experience by reducing the need for manual entry of hard-copy or PDF-based data into their existing systems was Launch Consulting’s goal. Using Google Cloud Platform’s native Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, office administrative personnel can now input shipboard manifests and have that data uniformly and consistently entered into their invoicing and billing systems.

A Future-Proof Holistic View

Using Google Cloud Platform, Launch Consulting built an online portal for PathogenDx that allows secure ways for field agents, growers, seed suppliers, and others to access both the analysis engine and generated reports—allowing a more holistic view of the testing results in relation to other samples.

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Just saving hundreds of man-hours each week in rekeying data from paper is a lifesaver, not to mention our clients are happier with faster invoicing and fewer billing errors.

Global Shipping Company

Project Requirements

• A way to capture data consistently from multiple paper-based sources
• Faster data entry of paper-based information into existing systems
• A way to reduce manual errors due to the keying of data into different systems

Launch’s Solution

Launch Consulting built a digitized data entry solution leveraging their expertise in cloud technologies, data transformation (Optical Character Recognition), and machine learning (Vision API). Now, paper-based documents can be easily digitized, and the data formatted in a clean, accurate, and consistent manner across both billing and dockside operations workflows.

Project Results


Invoicing error rate less than 8%.

Billing averages only 60 days outstanding.

Saving over $1.7M in lost opportunity costs.

Saved hundreds of hours on data entry each week.

Real-Life Outcomes

With Google Cloud Platform, Launch Consulting has helped this transportation industry giant reduce the average time it takes to get data from shipboard manifests to invoicing systems from hours to minutes, reducing their clients’ need to sometime wait weeks after a ship arrived or sailed for invoices. Additionally, the error rate for invoicing due to manual data entry dropped to less than 8%, leading to fewer client disputes and billing errors. Due to faster and consistent capture of hard-copy data by removing the need for manual entry—they also increased their invoicing speeds from weeks to days, and dramatically dropped their billing cycle turnaround from an average of 90 days outstanding. In fact, Launch Consulting and the client project that the solution will save nearly $1.7M per year in lost opportunity costs due to delayed billing cycles and operational inefficiencies. This shipping industry leader now has happier customers, fewer client disputes, and employees freed up from hours of manual data entry—thanks to Launch Consulting and Google Cloud.

About Cargo and Logistics:

Transforming a shipping industry leader with technology that standardizes business process workflows, automates invoicing and increases data accuracy – dramatically reduces operational expense and increases profitability.

About Launch Consulting:

Launch Consulting is a leading North American technology consulting and multi-platform design firm that blends its business and industry insight to deliver unmatched results through a devoted, highly skilled and solution-oriented team. Our expertise related to creative design, user experience, and technical knowledge solves our clients’ most complex business problems, including offering business and cloud services to enterprise customers.

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