How AI Can Predict Disease Outbreaks and Help Develop Treatments

//How AI Can Predict Disease Outbreaks and Help Develop Treatments

AI is being used to predict catastrophic outbreaks in order to help prevent millions of people from being infected annually with deadly diseases.

Additionally, AI/Machine Learning is also being used to assist in the early stages of creating new antiviral drugs for treating infections.


Utilizing the power of Google Cloud applications and computing engines, the goal is to turn data into health breakthroughs that will eventually allow for a better quality of healthcare and life. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the fight against outbreaks such as Dengue and researchers are using big data analytics to create computing models that will allow us to better understand data.

The process begins with computers digesting and analyzing massive amounts of data on the environment and patient outcomes in areas hit hard by outbreaks. The computer then learns where an outbreak is most likely to occur and under which specific environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and rainfall. Additionally, researchers are using machine learning (a type of AI) to predict which Dengue cases will become more severe by identifying patient genes that put them at a higher risk.

Scientists have now turned to AI to help in the beginning stages of developing new antiviral drugs to treat Dengue infections, by learning how and where the drugs attach themselves to the viral proteins.

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