The “Farm Cloud” Drives Data-Driven Agricultural Precision

//The “Farm Cloud” Drives Data-Driven Agricultural Precision

Most city dwellers probably don’t realize that cloud, AI and data-driven technologies have been adopted in the agriculture industry as farmers increasingly recognize that this technology is increasing crop yield sizes, lowering costs and helping in other ways.

More and more farmers are using software tools and data-driven approaches on the “farm cloud” in a shift known as “precision agriculture.” This shift has helped farmers become less wasteful and save on operating costs by more carefully calibrating the use of fertilizers, pesticides and crop seeds.


Cloud-based platforms are increasingly used to collect and organize field data that is wirelessly gathered by the internet of things – innovative tractors, smartphones, and other things. Field data that is collected by myriad sensors not only help maximize crop yields but also help farmers plan next year’s crop. Data-driven information from the field is beneficial when farmers are deciding the best time to plant, fertilize, irrigate, and harvest their crops.

John Deere created the Operations Center five years ago that is an open cloud platform that acts as a hub for transferring field data where it is then organized and managed to help with operating efficiencies and improve crop yields. The Operations Center is currently capable of pulling in 15 million inputs from field-sensors per second and will soon be capable of providing real-time data capture. Since farmland is often rural with less broadband capability, a primary goal will be to increase broadband capability. As broadband capabilities expand, better AI and data-driven technologies will be created to gauge crop moisture as well as better ways to manage pests, which will save on pesticide costs. As the current trend is to move to “greener” approaches, data-driven precision agriculture can also help farmers more precisely utilize pesticides only where it is needed, thereby creating less pollution.

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