How AI is Changing the Retail Consumer Experience

//How AI is Changing the Retail Consumer Experience

While there has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding the end of brick and mortar shopping with the massive increase in online purchasing on sites like Walmart and Amazon, not only are offline retailers here to stay, they are evolving with the power of AI.

Shopping in the future will more than likely be a mix of physical and digital purchasing, and with this shift, there will be a new focus on customer experience and an increased use of artificial intelligence.


Department stores are finding new ways for their customers to find items and item information via visual search (image recognition and augmentation), and luxurious resorts using AI to allow their guests to personalize their vacation and entertainment experiences by interacting with chat bots. A recent study revealed that 72% of internet users in the U.S regularly search for visual content prior to purchasing. As our smartphones continue to improve in function, visual search will only become more robust and more a part of making day to day purchases.

Apparel is a leading category in the use of AI and augmented reality, allowing consumers to see what clothes will look like on themselves without having to physically try them on. Uniqlo, a Japanese retailer, is now using UMood kiosks that display articles of clothing and measures consumer reactions via neurotransmitters to determine what they like and dislike, helping to match the consumer to products they will like before they even see them.

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