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AI Used to Confirm Existence of a New State of Matter


While we all remember there being solids, liquids, and gasses from school, a new team of physicists has uncovered several exotic varieties that can exist under extreme pressure and temperatures. One of these new states is one in which Potassium atoms exhibit properties of a solid and liquid at the same time. It would be like a sponge dripping water, that’s also made of water. This unusual state could exist in the earth’s mantle but is generally not found in pure form, as it’s usually bound with other material(s). These types of simulations could help us study minerals [...]

AI Used to Confirm Existence of a New State of Matter2019-04-09T21:07:10+00:00

Google and Other Companies Using AI For Positive Social Change


Google and many other companies have already been using AI over the past few years to come up with social solutions that are intended to improve our everyday lives. AI (artificial intelligence) computer programming tools that help identify patterns in complex data make many everyday products more useful. AI already powers much of the technology we see around us and has been used to address a lot of our biggest unsolved challenges. Core Google AI research and engineering have been applied to projects with a positive impact on society, including flood forecasting, protecting whales and our oceans, as [...]

Google and Other Companies Using AI For Positive Social Change2019-04-04T23:32:13+00:00

How Machine Learning Can Help Prevent Future Hospitalizations


We don’t need machines to tell us that ending up in the hospital for something that could have been prevented is a waste of resources. Hospital stays expose us to potential airborne viruses and bacteria, keep us away from work, friends, and family, and increase the potential for being given or prescribed the wrong medications and/or anesthesia. In 2010, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that one out of every ten hospitalizations were potentially preventable and that the attributing symptoms or conditions accounted for almost 4% of all hospital stays. Additionally, it stated that preventable chronic conditions [...]

How Machine Learning Can Help Prevent Future Hospitalizations2019-04-02T16:25:44+00:00

How AI is Changing the Retail Consumer Experience


While there has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding the end of brick and mortar shopping with the massive increase in online purchasing on sites like Walmart and Amazon, not only are offline retailers here to stay, they are evolving with the power of AI. Shopping in the future will more than likely be a mix of physical and digital purchasing, and with this shift, there will be a new focus on customer experience and an increased use of artificial intelligence. Department stores are finding new ways for their customers to find items and item information [...]

How AI is Changing the Retail Consumer Experience2019-04-01T22:09:38+00:00

The “Farm Cloud” Drives Data-Driven Agricultural Precision


Most city dwellers probably don’t realize that cloud, AI and data-driven technologies have been adopted in the agriculture industry as farmers increasingly recognize that this technology is increasing crop yield sizes, lowering costs and helping in other ways. More and more farmers are using software tools and data-driven approaches on the “farm cloud” in a shift known as “precision agriculture.” This shift has helped farmers become less wasteful and save on operating costs by more carefully calibrating the use of fertilizers, pesticides and crop seeds. Cloud-based platforms are increasingly used to collect and organize field data that is [...]

The “Farm Cloud” Drives Data-Driven Agricultural Precision2019-03-26T18:29:04+00:00

The Pentagon’s Renewed Interest in AI


Did you know that the earliest beginnings of Artificial intelligence are owed to the Pentagon? It’s true, the Department of Defense began investing in AI in the 1960s and basically established the science of AI. Fast forward 60 years later. The Pentagon is seeking to invest heavily in AI again for various projects, including making AI the central part of the national security strategy for the U.S. The Pentagon either has been or is seeking to partner with technology companies such as Google, Oracle, IBM, and SAP to utilize AI capabilities to their full capacity by sourcing necessary algorithms, cloud [...]

The Pentagon’s Renewed Interest in AI2019-03-11T22:35:26+00:00

How AI Can Predict Disease Outbreaks and Help Develop Treatments


AI is being used to predict catastrophic outbreaks in order to help prevent millions of people from being infected annually with deadly diseases. Additionally, AI/Machine Learning is also being used to assist in the early stages of creating new antiviral drugs for treating infections. Utilizing the power of Google Cloud applications and computing engines, the goal is to turn data into health breakthroughs that will eventually allow for a better quality of healthcare and life. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the fight against outbreaks such as Dengue and researchers are using big data analytics to create computing models [...]

How AI Can Predict Disease Outbreaks and Help Develop Treatments2019-02-26T23:10:53+00:00

G Suite Pricing Increase to Take Effect April 2, 2019


It has been more than a decade since Google introduced Gmail, its first cloud-native application and since they have introduced more than a dozen others like Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Hangouts and many others that comprise the G Suite, Google’s intelligent and secure productivity and collaboration toolkit.   There are literally millions of companies using these applications today to maximize efficiencies, collaborate globally and keep their data secure. G Suite is a secure, enterprise-ready AI-powered platform with almost endless capabilities. Starting in April 2019 the price for G Suite Basic Edition will increase from $5.00 per month to $6.00, and the G Suite Business [...]

G Suite Pricing Increase to Take Effect April 2, 20192019-02-21T20:33:33+00:00

Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging Market to Top $2B


Healthcare organizations are likely to see a rapidly growing market around artificial intelligence tools for medical imaging, a new report predicts. The market for artificial intelligence (AI) tools to process and analyze medical imaging studies is slated to push past $2 billion by 2023, according to a new report from Signify Research. Healthcare organizations are increasingly eager to implement machine learning, deep learning, and other detailed pattern recognition algorithms that can provide clinical decision support while improving the efficiency of radiologists, pathologists, and other image-based diagnosticians. As clinical and financial use cases for AI become more enticing – [...]

Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging Market to Top $2B2019-02-20T19:31:10+00:00

Transforming Healthcare in The Cloud Through Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning


Google Cloud partners like Launch play a critical role in helping healthcare providers and organizations embrace and evolve their cloud strategies. From electronic health records to medical imaging, healthcare is an industry with an unprecedented amount of data. At Google Cloud, we want to help more healthcare organizations turn this data into health breakthroughs, through better care and more streamlined operations. Over the past year, we’ve enhanced Google Cloud offerings with healthcare in mind, expanded our compliance coverage, and welcomed new customers and partners. The challenges of healthcare are increasingly data challenges—creating it, storing it, and analyzing it [...]

Transforming Healthcare in The Cloud Through Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning2019-02-18T19:35:21+00:00