“Depending on the complexity of the query, it could take a whole day. With Google Cloud tools, we can rerun the same query and it might take a just a few seconds or minutes.”

Nicholas Harteau, VP, Infrastructure, Spotify

Personalized, Highly-Targeted Content on a Global Scale.

Scale with Confidence. Reach your Global Audience.

Getting your content to every corner of the globe and available to all users on demand requires massive infrastructure and a global network. GCP runs on the same secured infrastructure that powers Google, giving you the scale you need. With GCP, you can render huge workloads at peak times, launch new applications, and live stream video to mass audiences. And our turnkey Anvato solution for video broadcasting and OTT delivery helps ensure your content reaches the widest audience possible.

You need a solution. One that’s serverless so that nothing gets bogged down. One that’s elastic, so it can handle massive peak audiences without wasting resources during off-peak times. One that lets you break down data silos and enable advanced analytics on customer, business, and operations. You need Google Cloud Platform. Companies like YouTube and Spotify are already using GCP to empower their workforce with dynamic, mobile, and collaborative tools, for everything from rendering video effects to customer data storage to machine learning.

From content acquisition to distribution and playback, count on GCP to streamline and improve your processes. And as you start to move to the cloud, look for a partner that’s a GCP expert, with extensive experience in media & entertainment, to guide you. Launch Consulting provides you with a targeted assessment of your environment to zero in on your needs and help you turn your audiences into insights and your insights into revenue.

Over just a couple of weeks, we’ll provide recommendations on how to right-size your VMs, profile your workloads for cloud migration readiness, estimate the effort to migrate, and compare your current costs to GCP-based options to optimize your ongoing costs – and we’ll do all that for free.

Our solutions are adaptable for multi-cloud or hybrid environments, and we have services to help you migrate quickly and securely.

Delight Audiences on a Global Scale with Our Trusted, Powerful Technology.

Launch will provide a roadmap for operational
and technology readiness for success utilizing Google Cloud.

Grow Revenue & Reduce Costs.

The times have been changing faster than ever before in terms of the digital landscape and technical requirements needed to be successful in the media and entertainment industry.

Google Cloud and Launch helps you stay several steps ahead of the technology curve to help your company improve revenues and ROI. Google Cloud can provide the exceptional data analytic capabilities your company needs to stay in-tune with existing and emerging consumer segments to offer exactly what your audiences want, thereby increasing your revenues and keep your customers coming back. Stay ahead of the competition with Google Cloud analytic capabilities to discover “what’s next” and grow your company with new audiences and continue to wow existing audiences. Moving to Google Cloud can also reduce costs in terms of maintaining and managing your IT systems since your company does not need to purchase and upkeep expensive on-site systems and equipment. Cost reductions will also be realized in less energy consumption and fewer time delays.

Companies that utilize Google Cloud Platform typically realize 60% in cost savings compared to companies that use other cloud services in the form of sustained use discounts, rightsizing recommendations, list price discounts, and more. As a Google Premier Partner, Launch will also assist your company in receiving a free trial with a $300 credit to get your projects up and running smoothly. Expand your reach while minimizing cost and impact. Join Launch and Google Cloud Platform to make your mark on tomorrow, today.

Improve Audience Experience.

Wrangle, analyze, and turn all your data into insights to deliver more personalized content and experiences to your audience segments with our Big Data solutions.

BigQuery, our fully managed serverless data warehouse, autoscales for performance and runs blazing-fast queries on petabytes of data, getting you insights faster. All of our Big Data solutions have been tested and refined based on years of Google innovation. So they’re integrated and optimized to help you deliver that perfect experience.

Improve Security & Compliance.

Music, video, broadcasting, and entertainment are compelling, influential, and glamorous. They’re also vulnerable to attack and extremely taxing on infrastructure. And without the right platform to securely create, host, and store your data, your hard work can get stuck buffering for eternity.

We do our part to help you protect your intellectual property and user information, by offering identity management, network security, and threat detection and response capabilities to protect your business against current and future threats. We certify our products against the most rigorous global security and privacy standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018, To earn your trust, we are audited quarterly to meet the specific security guidelines of Hollywood studios and have our controls mapped to the MPAA best practices for cloud providers. In addition, we offer a Securing Rendering Workloads Solution guide to deploying your pipeline on GCP.

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Learn from Machine Learning. Add Intelligence to Your Content with ML.

Imagine creating a searchable digitized database of all of your content. Or generating closed captions in over 80 languages. Or optimizing your audience segmentation. It’s now possible with machine learning.

With Google Cloud, you don’t need a huge team of PhDs to see results from ML. With our latest release, AutoML, we’re democratizing machine learning models for the masses. You can get started with AutoML or our proven, easy-to-use pre-trained models like Video Intelligence and Natural Language. Or you can train custom models with Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow, one of the most popular machine learning libraries among researchers across the globe.

We have a wide range of ML programs designed to meet you where you are. If you have high-impact machine learning projects, you can partner directly with Google Cloud ML experts at the Advanced Solutions Lab.

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