AI / Machine Learning Roundtable

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“In order to serve our customers, we need a cloud platform that can scale reliably while keeping costs low, perform under heavy loads, and consistently deliver sophisticated features such as machine learning.”

Willem Sundblad, CEO and Founder, Oden Technologies, Google Cloud Customer

AI / Machine Learning Tailored to Your Company.

AI Services that Your Company Can Count on for Exponential Improvement.

A human-centered approach to AI / ML. We dive deep and learn more about the concerns with AI / ML and help companies to identify problems while preparing employees and customers for automation.

Typical Results:

  • Direct C-level exposure to Fortune 500 companies
  • Fast-track to sales leads and decision-makers
  • Over 25+ companies have participated to-date

Launch has the expertise to integrate the right Machine Learning APIs into your IT infrastructure to meet the exact needs of your company. Since we are a Premier Google Partner, we utilize all of the best Machine Learning APIs Google has to offer. Google’s Machine Learning APIs has better training performance and accuracy compared to other AI learning systems. Once these solutions are integrated into your IT infrastructure, they are fast, scalable and easy to use.

Launch helps our clients get started by taking advantage of proven, pre-trained models like Cloud Vision, Natural Language, and Translate. We create custom models with Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow, which is one of the most popular machine learning libraries across the globe. With TensorFlow, our clients can use GCP’s proprietary customer ML accelerator, the Tensor Processing Unit, to run and scale.

The Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a proven service used by many companies to solve a variety of problems. Launch will help you join the many successful companies, large and small that have incorporated Google Machine Learning APIs into their IT infrastructure and realized improvements in so many ways!

These folks rock.

“I have never seen a company deliver so many actionable solutions and increase our revenue like Launch has. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone about them and keep them as my ace-in-my-pocket. They are just too good to keep to myself. If you need an app developed or systems migrated, contact Launch today. You will not regret it.”

Christofer, Langley | Founder, Integrated System Solutions

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