Cloud Physics Infrastructure Assessment

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“Google Cloud Platform was right for our business for its security, scalability, and reliability.”

Sebastien Astie, Chief Technology Officer, Pluribus Labs

Cloud Physics Infrastructure Assessment.

Make Your Decision Easier & with Confidence with a Cloud Physics Infrastructure Assessment.

CloudPhysics is a SaaS solution that monitors and analyzes Virtualized IT infrastructures, offering insights and reports that help you upgrade, repair, and adapt data centers to changing needs. The platform simulates possible migrations to the various cloud platforms, estimating costs and viability, as well as modelling your exact infrastructure as a virtual environment, machine-by-machine, to provide the data you need to decide between cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Launch will give you an in-depth assessment of virtual or on-prem infrastructure in less than 3 weeks. We apply a standard, predictable approach to make the process quick and practical, while minimizing risk.


  • 99% of cases only 23% of capacity is being utilized
  • Up to 30X ROI by assessing utilization & current costs

These folks rock.

“I have never seen a company deliver so many actionable solutions and increase our revenue like Launch has. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone about them and keep them as my ace-in-my-pocket. They are just too good to keep to myself. If you need an app developed or systems migrated, contact Launch today. You will not regret it.”

Christofer, Langley | Founder, Integrated System Solutions

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