Google’s New ML Kit Features Bring Machine Learning To Your Apps

Google launched ML Kit last year at I/O with the mission to simplify Machine Learning for everyone. ML Kit has enabled thousands of developers to create new and exciting experiences. More importantly, user engagement due to features powered by ML Kit is growing more than 60% per month! Google has been working with the following companies and their apps: Air Cognizer, Adidas, Dominos, IKEA, VSCO, Gradeup School, [...]

Google Announces Recipients of 25 Million in AI Impact Grants

The Google 'AI Impact Challenge' was part of Google’s ‘AI for Social Good’ program. This challenge is based on the belief that emerging technologies will help us identify and address social, humanitarian and environmental problems on a large scale. The winners of the challenge are to be awarded $25 Million in grants from, credit, and counseling from Google Cloud, mentoring from Google AI Experts and the opportunity to [...]

Machine Learning Approach To Help Antibiotics Kill Bacteria

A new MIT study develops a machine learning approach to discover an additional mechanism that helps some antibiotics kill bacteria. The secondary mechanism involves activating the bacterial metabolism of nucleotides that cells need to replicate their DNA. This mechanism could help researchers discover new drugs that could be used in conjunction with antibiotics to enhance their bacterial killing abilities. Before researchers began computer modeling, they performed hundreds [...]

Berklee Students Use AI To Create Metal Music

Databots is a band powered by deep learning software developed by CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski who met during their time at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Databots, which is actually an AI generating its own renditions of what death metal sounds like, was based on the Canadian extreme metal band, Archspire. The creators wanted to prove a neural network was capable of capturing subtle [...]


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