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Case Study: PathogenDX


About PathogenDX PathogenDx has revolutionized the cannabis, botanicals, and agriculture industries by providing a simple, powerful, and inexpensive way for businesses to utilize DNA-based pathogen testing. Retrieving and Analyzing Critical Information Faster Than Ever Before Launch Consulting and Google Cloud Accelerate DNA-Based Pathogen Testing. Automating the data intake, processing, and distribution of agricultural sample information ensures the safety of crops from debilitating diseases or other harmful pathogens. Because bacteria, viruses, molds, or other harmful elements can entirely wipe out a cannabis crop and pose human health hazards—testing for pathogens is critical to keeping [...]

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Case Study: Google Cloud Hero


About Google Cloud Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. For over 20 years, Google has built technology that helps as many people as possible, regardless of who they are or where they are in the world. This includes Google Cloud, trusted by enterprises, startups, and everyone in between, for transformative cloud technologies and services. Google Cloud Hero Launch Consulting Levels-Up Organizations with Google Cloud Platform. Engaging tech-savvy influencers, developers, and engineers with an immersive, experiential game to develop cloud expertise. Sharpening the [...]

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Case Study: Cargo and Logistics


About Cargo and Logistics Transforming a shipping industry leader with technology that standardizes business process workflows, automates invoicing and increases data accuracy – dramatically reduces operational expense and increases profitability. Improving the Human Experience of Cargo and Logistics Launch Consulting and Google Cloud Streamlined Invoicing and Billing Systems. With clients all over the world, the manual process of inputting data from paper-based or PDF cargo manifests into their invoicing systems was both time consuming and error-prone, often causing delayed billing cycles and client disputes. The Human Approach: Launch Consulting examined the billing and [...]

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Case Study: Safe Credit Union


About Safe Credit Union Safe Credit Union has served its members with integrity, quality service, innovative products, and progressive technology since 1940. They make their more than 220,000 members’ financial well-being their top priority by providing exceptional experiences, the best solutions, and professional experts to help members enjoy life. Assessing Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions Launch Consulting and Google Cloud help reduce overhead. Automated cloud and infrastructure analysis reveals how rightsizing and moving to the cloud can both save and still deliver the needed performance. Like many financial organizations, Safe Credit Union needed to [...]

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