Why Choose Google?

Google is quickly becoming the most trusted cloud platform.

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“By letting employees think and work differently, G Suite achieves 10x improvements rather than small gains.”

Lorne Rubis, Chief Evangelist, ATB Financial

Why Google Cloud?
Secure. Open. Intelligent.

The Google Cloud difference.

Cloud computing democratizes access to unlimited information technology resources.

In truth, we’re in a unique period of disruption and change. What we’re experiencing is the digital transformation of businesses, governments, and societies.

This transformation takes us from a world where technology is used to optimize — to make things faster, more reliable and cheaper — to one where technology defines new experiences, new value, and redefines every enterprise.

At the heart of this transformation is Cloud computing. Cloud computing provides ubiquitous access to almost unlimited information technology resources. It removes the friction from acquiring and consuming information technology, creating a world in which the small and nimble with nothing to lose have access to the same technology resources as the large leviathans with everything to lose. And the fearless upstarts or agile enterprises use this technology to innovate and disrupt.

Secure: Be part of a reliable, global security network

• Private, global network of data centers controlled end-to-end
• Customer Reliability Engineering
• Purpose-built infrastructure: Servers, Software, Network, Data Centers
• Live migration
• Titan security chip
• Encryption by default

Open: Open source support and a flexible pricing structure

• No Lock-in
• Open Source Support
• Flexible pricing structure
• Engineer-to-Engineer support

Intelligent: Gain insights faster and hone your competitive edge

• AI that lets you get to insights faster and hone your competitive advantage

Commitment to Shared Success

Partner With Us.

Customers today are demanding more, enterprises that realize it’s not cost-effective to deliver everything by themselves and make the right partnerships grow faster.

As industries are going through a digital transformation, businesses are evolving and disrupting themselves, partner support is critical in delivering quality customer experiences. Join hands with Launch and Google Cloud, to free your business to concentrate on understanding your customers more and building products that they really want, not worrying about managing your infrastructure.

Partner with us to move your workloads to Google Cloud.

Experience Google’s best-in-class infrastructure engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet. Allows you the flexibility to quickly scale, while still maintaining admin control. Google’s pioneering data and analytics and machine learning services help you solve real business problems and gain a competitive edge no other cloud provider can offer. And unlike other cloud providers, Google’s customer-friendly pricing means you only pay for what you use with no lock-in, providing better value.

Your security is our priority.

Google protects your data and intellectual property by monitoring data health, detecting anomalous behaviors, and proactively preventing security incidents utilizing machine intelligence. Google regularly undergo independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls to ensure our customers’ security.

Whether you need help migrating to the cloud, enhancing the skills and expertise of your IT staff or building a custom solution for your business, Launch can address your needs. Get the most out of Google Cloud by working with Launch.

Future-proof your enterprise.

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