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“At BBVA we see technology as a key sustainable competitive advantage, and staying at the forefront of technology and business practices is key to our success.”

José Olalla, CIO, BBVA

G Suite Migration. With Launch, it’s a Seamless Transition.

Worry-Free G Suite Migration that Lets You Focus on What’s Important.

Launch takes the worry out of migrating existing contacts, user email, calendar, and files from legacy systems. Launch has worked with companies big and small and in many industries covering everything from simple email migration to proprietary backend data systems. Your Company can migrate data from Microsoft® Exchange servers that support Exchange Web Services (EWS), specifically Office 365, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2007 (to migrate emails, contacts, and calendars) and IMAP servers, including Gmail, Exchange 2003 and earlier, and webmail providers, such as Yahoo!® (to migrate emails). No G Suite migration job is too big or complicated for us. Launch knows how to set your company up for maximum adoption, ROI and a seamless experience during the process.

During the Process

Launch will assign a dedicated team to your project where we will work with your company to properly plan and monitor your G Suite migration and deployment. During the process, we will prepare users for the switch, address any possible impacts, and set expectations with the necessary internal communications and training. Our team will ensure proper setup and configuration and lead the rollout with minimal disruption.

Ready for Worry-Free G Suite Migration?

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These folks rock.

“I have never seen a company deliver so many actionable solutions and increase our revenue like Launch has. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone about them and keep them as my ace-in-my-pocket. They are just too good to keep to myself. If you need an app developed or systems migrated, contact Launch today. You will not regret it.”

Christofer, Langley | Founder, Integrated System Solutions

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